Ya down with TSP?

One of the hallmarks of a high performing team is the ability to recognize when there is opportunity for improvement and then do something about it.  Or, more crudely as we said last week during our Fly Feet offsite:  “We suck at this.”

Fear of Failure

In one way or another, fear of failure has held all of us back at some point.  If we’re honest with ourselves, we can all come up with examples of when we didn’t reach for something that we weren’t sure we could do, but knew would be glorious - - even life changing if we accomplished it - - because we were scared we couldn’t do it.

You're asking the wrong question.

I still do a bit of consulting as my #sidehustle in the beauty industry.  I was on a call with a private equity firm last week and the guy on the other end of the line said… “Ok, I have just one more question …  

What's your "Why"?

Many people ask me what inspired me to start Fly Feet.  The truth is, there are many, many, reasons.  I have always had a passion for fitness and running, and people, and building businesses.  So why not bring it all together?  But for me, it had to be much more than that.  In building something, I needed to bring my purpose, my "WHY", to life.    

Lifting Each Other Up

Ok party people, here are the facts:  Women still make $.80 for every $1.00 a man makes.  There are 24 (less than 5%) women CEO's of the Fortune 500 companies.  These are not just "women's issues", they are human rights issues, calling the attention to all of us. While we have made progress, we clearly still have a lot of work to do …

The working parent shuffle

Managing it all as a working parent is hard. But the big secret is that no one has figured it out. Every day is a series of trade offs. One of the most embarrassing stories of my career as a working parent happened during my tour of duty in Canada …


Ambiguity can be crippling.  But it doesn’t have to be.  There is always a way out.  To make the BIG, swing for the fences decisions - whether it's a career move, or solving a business problem, here are the three crazy questions I ask myself ...

Finding Your Passion

After I wrote the blog look before you leap, many of you asked how I even got to the point where I knew what I wanted to leap for. How I determined that Fly Feet was what I wanted to pursue. As I think about my journey (and believe me, it was a journey) there are some things that helped me figure it out …

The art of networking

The word "networking" makes my skin crawl.  I've been to countless "networking events" and been a part of many different groups and coalitions and they always feel inauthentic, awkward and difficult.  However, networking is critically important, and the value transcends industries - for me, from heels to running shoes. Here is what works for me…

My North Star

It was early February in 2016 and I walked into one of my long time mentor’s office at Target.  I told her that later that day an email would go out to the company saying that I had “resigned to pursue other opportunities”, but I wanted to tell her myself why I was leaving after 11 awesome years at Target.