Raise your standards.

I believe that if you work hard in the spirit of continuous improvement, opportunities come your way. I don’t believe there is a “right path”. I believe if we want fulfillment, we have to create our own paths.  Being willing to constantly reinvent yourself through a self-discovery process in service of just trying to be better is powerful.  And if you raise your standards, the universe will meet you there.

A note from our {woman} CEO

March is Women’s History Month. Today is International Women’s Day. These are important because we must acknowledge the work that we still have to do to as it relates to gender equality. 

Small steps, big possibilities.

Many times, the enormity of where we are and where we want to go makes many of us stay right where we are.   When people “make it” it’s not typically because they took a giant leap in one direction.  It’s because they took a series of small steps and one day woke up in the right spot.