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I spent most of my career running businesses for Target.  A job I loved.  But my dreams were bigger.  And now I'm living them...

Get after it.

Get after it.

We all hold ourselves back from our highest potential someplace in our lives. If we step back and are critical with where we are in our lifestyle, relationships, career, or family just to name a few, we can find examples where we’re getting in our own way. I certainly have plenty of areas. (That is a different blog.)

I see this all the time with how people view their fitness practice. I never am, or never will be the fittest person in the room, but fitness is a place where I am willing to be vulnerable, try things, work hard, fail and get back up again. It has become a metaphor for my life. Feels like there is something there…


I did the Murph on Monday in honor of those soldiers who have died for our freedom.  It was hard, and still two days later, lifting my arms past my shoulders is difficult.  For those who’ve never done it, it goes like this:

·     1 mile buy in

·     100 pull-ups

·     200 push-ups

·     300 squats

·     1 mile cash out


I broke the middle part into 10 rounds of 10 pull-ups, 20 push-ups, 30 squats.  My goal was to work at a pace where I could just move consistently. I don’t know how long it took me to do it … I didn’t pay attention.  And honestly, it doesn’t matter.   The classes were packed all day on Monday.  The community and camaraderie was palpable.  People came to put in the work as a symbol for those who have given their lives for our freedom.   

The Murph is one of the hardest workouts.  Trying to sprint your final mile after all of that work feels impossible.  If all you saw on Monday were the social posts of the smiles post-Murph you assuredly missed that part in the middle where we all resorted to prayer so that we didn’t puke.  

I hear it all the time. I’m scared.  I’m not fast.  I’m not fit. I need to workout for awhile before I come in. I totally get it.  I do.  Fitness is a very vulnerable place for even the fittest of people.  Even pro soccer players that train with us have told me that they’re nervous before a Fly Feet workout because they know that it won’t be easy.  

Here’s the deal: {Almost} Every single workout I do is hard.  And it should be.  {Except for when I’m doing a recovery workout!}  If we’re going to spend time trying to be better, why wouldn’t we be willing to push ourselves to try something we’re not sure we can do in service of progress (not perfection!)?  It’s the only way we’ll actually see change.  But “hard” is a relative term.  What was hard for me last year, comes easier for me now. I used to not be able to do a pull up. On Monday I did 100 of them.  I still can’t run a six-minute mile, but I’m working on it.   This is the point.  Fitness is always a work in progress.  And it’s hard. I get that it’s scary and uncomfortable, but guess what? We can do hard things.  And the hard things in life are what make us better and what makes our lives fulfilling.


Strip it all away. The nerves, the self-consciousness, the angst, all of it.  There are only three things you need to embark on a fitness practice. And every single person reading this blog needs to have one. Here are the secrets to success: 

  1. Consistency. Just show up. For yourself. Every day. Consistently. Zero expectations. No excuses. Find the time. You can do it. I don’t care how busy you are. You can find the time. Period. End of story. Thank you, next.

  2. The willingness to work hard. This is relative. My “hard” is different from your “hard”. It doesn’t matter how fast, how many, how much, it just has to feel a little (or a lot - your call!) uncomfortable. And you have to know that is how everyone else feels … because we’re all chasing the same thing.

  3. A body. It doesn’t even need to be a high functioning body, or a fit body, or a body you’re particularly proud of at the moment. If you can put one foot in front of the other, do a squat, push yourself up off the ground, or two out of three of those things, you can workout.


That is it.  Hear me:  You do not need anything else!! Not a gym membership, or a pair of fancy shoes, or the right clothes. Just those three things.  Make the decision today that your well-being is WAY more important than what anyone else thinks about your own perceived imperfections.   And honestly, no one else cares.  They’re all just worried about their own thing.  


So, get up, get moving and let’s do this!


What's next ...

What's next ...

Raise your standards.

Raise your standards.