Kristin Shane

I spent most of my career running businesses for Target.  A job I loved.  But my dreams were bigger.  And now I'm living them...

This was always the plan:  Making it up as I go.

This was always the plan: Making it up as I go.

I almost couldn’t believe we pulled off our first Catalyst Circle event. Taking a photo as we were getting ready to kick it off just felt right. Together, Carly Broderick, Kayd Roy and I went from idea to reality in a handful of weeks by just figuring it out as we went … taking the next right step.


If you were to have asked me three years ago what’s the blueprint for opening a {kickass} boutique fitness studio, I probably would have given you a shrug and a line about how I was figuring it out as I went. And now here we are. We still have a lot to learn, but we have two successful Fly Feet studios open with our sights set on a very big vision.

Two months ago, Kayd, Carly and I got on a call and decided we wanted to create a forum where rock star, accomplished career people told their unfiltered, raw stories so that others still trying to find their way could benefit. None of us are event planners or public speakers or influencers. Just women trying to make a difference. We didn’t know exactly how to bring it to life, but we figured it out along the way. It wasn’t perfect, but our first Catalyst Circle event was an authentic experience that people appreciated. {Follow us in the gram!! @thecatalystcircle!)

The point is, the view to where you want to be from where you are can be incredibly unclear… even overwhelming. But the fact is, we can navigate the small steps in between. Breaking down the steps, so that all you have to do is to take the right next step makes crushing your goals and your dreams far more achievable than becoming overwhelmed by the enormity of the gap in between the now and the future.

So now, what’s your right next step?



Your personal brand will make or break your career

Your personal brand will make or break your career